Vermil Coin

Vermil Coin is a Unique Hybrid Digital Token.  It is fully backed by tangible and tradeable precious and base metals with a 1:1 ratio and always maintains a greater than 20% asset reserve, and strictly follows the smart contract’s tokenomics. Audit

Contract Address:

About Vermil Coin

The Vermil Coin is truly a unique concept in the crypto space leveraging some of the best components of some of the most successful crypto projects.  We consider the Vermil Coin a Unique Hybrid Digital Token.  It is very difficult to categorize the Vermil coin as either a Security or Utility coin, nor can we use any of the new coin/token terms to accurately define the token.  The Vermil Coin is not exactly a Stable Coin although it is backed 1:1 with tangible, tradeable commodities, it is not completely an algorithmic token as it uses the base pegging of the USD and the assets behind the token have their prices and values based on USD precious and base metals commodity markets and the token is not exactly an asset or equity coin even though it is fully backed 1:1 with a greater than 20% reserve and the tokens represent shares of the Vermil Coin Trust.

Vermil coin
Vermil coin

Our digital token will have a value that will maintain a stable growth rate after the first year of the life of the coin based on tokenomics. Our stability feature will make our coin an ideal choice, and a haven asset because it will not work in a volatile nature, like other cryptocurrencies function. We are ecstatic to announce that our kind will involve 0% loss in your uses. The current shocks to the digital players, regarding their huge losses, have made our coin ideal for the safe players of cryptocurrencies. Our unique features of stability, self- custodians, faster speed, lower fees, borderlessness, and programmability are enough to make us the leading force in the crypto world.

The roadmap of the Vermil Coin is important.  There are over 95 wallets at launch which contain Vermil Coin provided to the shareholders as thanks for their efforts in getting the contributing company launched.  The first distribution of Vermil Coin does not come from the entity, but the current wallets as they choose to distribute the token.  You may see the coin available for the swap at sources like PancakeSwap or in the MetaMask wallet.  Please remember that Vermil Coin Trust is not offering these coins in the early days; only the initial shareholders can release Vermil Coin at their personal and private discretion.  These digital tokens were allocated to the shareholders on January 29th, 2020, and are therefore past the SEC restricted period, are freely tradeable, and the company has waived “First Right of Refusal” on the purchase of the coins.  Vermil Coin will not directly release any tokens for any reason except within the full compliance of the SEC through both Reg D Exemption and S-1 Filing.

Vermil coin


The core value of Vermil Coin is to provide a reliable safe-haven asset, fiat alternative, easy payments, and instant banking. We desire that the holders remain miles away from the loss, fear, tension, and volatile anxiety of the typical cryptocurrency. Our dream and our motto is to provide a transparent digital stable coin to all of our  trusted partners. With this motto as our forefront, we will accelerate the day when the governments will recommend our coin as the transferable coin in their official transactions.


Distribution by E CyBux, Inc.

We are pleased to announce that our coin will be distributed by E CyBux. A great source of financial transactions in America and Canada. This Missouri Corporation will be the licensed money service throughout America and Canada. E CyBux is a merchant service that will allow Vermil Coin features, that will not be available otherwise.

Debit Card of Vermil Coin

We want steady and easy payments for both consumers and merchant accounts. For this purpose, we have introduced the Vermil Coin debit card, and our debit card will be available with the lowest charges possible. No unnecessary fees will be added on, and this debit card will be user friendly at any ATM throughout America and Canada.

Fully Empowered Decentralized App

To make our project user-friendly, we have decided to launch a decentralized app. This app will use the best methods for a secure login. After login, all our features will be freely available for all Vermil Coin account holders. The app will be set up for full enjoyment of all the services that Vermil Coin has to offer.

Ask Me Anything Protocol

Vermil Coin wants to render the absolute best customer service through its efficient and competent team in the digital world. We have launched a protocol with the title of “Ask Me Anything”. This service will be available 24/7 for all users. All outstanding issues will be handled and solved through implementation of this protocol.

The Fastest Speed of Transactions

We are pleased to formally announce that we will not delay any transaction… whatsoever. We will boost the system, which will always support speedy transactions without any complexity. This step has been taken to create the most user friendly customer experience. 

Low Transaction Fee

We want to keep all transactions smooth for everyone. We have developed an unheard of mechanism in which the highest fee culture has been greatly reduced. To keep user experience high, we have decided to keep all fees at the lowest rate possible.

Transparency through Regular Audit

Through regular audit, Vermil Coin will be able to ensure transparency and value. Results of all audit materials will be provided for public scrutiny.


Contract Address



The Vermil Coin price is pegged to $1.0001 USD and is fully backed 100% by assets with more than a 20% reserve.

Week 1 – 26

The Vermil Coin will increase the price and assets by 10% every Monday and Thursday

Week 27 – 39

The Vermil Coin will increase the price and assets by 5% every Monday and Thursday

Week 40 – 46

The Vermil Coin will increase the price and assets by 2.5% every Monday and Thursday

Week 47 – 50

The Vermil Coin will increase the price and assets by 1.25% every Monday and Thursday

Week 51 – 52

The Vermil Coin will increase the price and assets by 0.625% every Monday and Thursday

Week 53

The Vermil Coin will increase the price and assets by 0.3125% every Monday and Thursday

Beginning Week 54

The Vermil Coin will increase the price and assets by 0.15625% every Monday and Thursday

Total Supply


Token Name

Vermil Coin

Token Tag








The “Roadmap” and other content on this website contain “Forward-Looking Statements”.  Nothing on this site should be considered an offering for purchase or the marketing of securities.  This site was created for informational purposes only and public transparency.

Phase 1

  • Release Website
  • Release Social Media
  • Whitepaper
  • Allows holders of Vermil Coin v0.1.0a to freely distribute v0.2.0b
  • Shareholders  Giveaways
  • Increase Liquidity Pools
  • Vermil Coin released by holders is past restricted period

Phase 2

  • Release of v0.4.0b
  • Allows SEC Reg D offering to institutions and accredited investors
  • Submission of SEC S-1 filing for 50B Vermil Coins
  • Alpha Release of Vermil's Metaverse Sample project
  • Allows limited public testing of earning Vermil Coin

Phase 3

  • Listing on major exchanges
  • Beta Release of Vermil's Metaverse first project
  • First non-beta release of Vermil Coin v0.4.0
Vermil coin


Vermil Coin is a project of much long-term planning. We have decided to launch a digital bank in the forthcoming days. After getting the desired results, we will launch our bank, which will in turn serve our trusted partners with advanced digital banking techniques.  This will enable holders of Vermil Coin to have spending and savings accounts as well as credit and debit cards.


The Vermil Coin launch will not be the typical ICO.  We do not intend this digital token to be an investment.  Although many see this coin as a good investment, it is not our intention.  Our aim was to develop a coin, although it appreciates in value over time, we wanted a coin for commerce and synchronicity between the digital and fiat currencies.

Vermil coin
Vermil coin


We will not let our mining process be through a proof of work algorithm. Vermil Coin mining will be accomplished through the tasks given in Vermil’s Metaverse projects. Our tasks will be made professional and accessible.

Ledger of Assets and Reserves



You’re going to need a wallet first and foremost! offers the most popular and functional option on the market, all available in a browser extension.


Next up, gas. Head to which should provide you the opportunity to buy some Smart Chain BNB. Send that to your Metamask wallet, and you’re ready to trade on Binance Smart Chain.


Head to exchange. pancakeswap. finance/ and click on “Connect or Unlock Wallet” at the top right corner to connect your Metamask wallet. Follow the prompts and allow PancakeSwap to view your accounts and addresses.


Click on “Select a currency” above where it currently says “Enter an amount” and paste in the token contract address: Address of Vermil Coin.


Press the settings button that you see at the top right corner of the center panel. Adjust slippage to 11% to account for Vermil Coin. (In case the volume is high, you can increase the slippage in order to confirm your transaction!)

What is the contract ID?


Where can Vermil Coin be used?

Soon, the Vermil Coin will be available to be used anywhere in the world where VISA is accepted.

The Vermil Coin was created for use in Vermil, Inc's Metaverse projects. In the near future, Vermil's metaverse projects will be publicly available. An example of how this will work: "When you post a video, you will earn VRML."

The Vermil Coin will provide instant transactions and settlement for merchants. With Vermil's subsidiary providing merchant services for businesses and gigsters, the host will be able to receive their earnings on demand and not have to wait 2 to 5 days to see their earnings settle in their bank account.

The Vermil Coin is synchronous with Fiat Currencies. With normal crypto currencies, there is a long process to "cashing out" and requires multiple steps. With the Vermil Coin, you will be able to do a simple and fast KYC (Know Your Client) to receive both an online spending and savings account as well as a debit card. With these tools, micro, personal, and jumbo loans as well as other loan products are simplified and take minutes to approve and settle.

As the coin gains traction, it will continue to be listed on additional exchanges. Soon, there will be direct access for you to purchase Vermil Coin as well as convert it back to Fiat Currency.

Are the assets locked?

The assets behind the Vermil Coin may change every Monday and Thursday, but rest assured, there will always be +120% of assets backing the Vermil Coin. We may change the assets due to market fluctuations in price of Precious Metals, Base Metals, and other minerals. We make these changes to ensure that the Vermil Coin is always backed by the most stable, tangible, tradeable commodities.

What does it mean to have ownership?

Holding Vermil Coin means you have a token that is fully backed at 100% plus a +20% reserve of Precious Metals, Base Metals, and other minerals. In an unstable and unsure economy, as long as there is trade, the Vermil Coin is a solid and reputable solution to ensure value. Our contract address has been verified on BSC scan.